Software Tester in English

During this online bootcamp, you will learn the practical side of working as a tester. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will perform practical individual and group tasks and participate in simulations that reflect the work of a tester.

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Czas trwania8 weeks + 3 weeks of recruitment support

Available dates:
08.04.2024 - 21.06.2024

Who is the course for
What you should know before?
Software tester courses are an excellent option for people who want to start working in IT. Future Collars’ Software Tester training course will help spread the wings of people who are diligent, attentive to detail, and perceptive. The Software Tester course involves a very large dose of knowledge imparted in an accessible way by experienced mentors. The Software Tester course is designed for those who want to gain the competencies to start working in the IT industry with in a few weeks. Software testing is a profession for people who are attentive to inaccuracies and can effectively catch errors.
Meticulousness and accuracy
Out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail
Assertiveness and communicativeness

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Free resources
What you should know before Software Tester?
Detailed scope of the Software Tester course
Download the detailed scope of the course and check what you'll learn.
Course syllabus
Course scope Software Tester
You will learn about the software development process and how to build IT systems. You will learn about the different types and levels of testing.
You will create test cases and learn the rules for manual execution. In addition, you will see in practice the advantages and disadvantages of manual testing.
You will learn how to create test reports and plan an effective testing strategy.
During the course, you will perform 6 practical assignments to test and consolidate new skills. You will also create a project that will build your professional portfolio.
You will receive a certificate from Future Collars after you pass the final project. By completing the Software Tester course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to get your first job as a tester.
Skills gained from the course
What will you be able to do after the course Software Tester?
You will create test cases
You will manage the tests
You will be familiar with the basics of manual software testing
You will complete a practical project
Check what you get
Additional benefits
Support in recruitment

After completing the course, you will receive 3-week help in looking for a job and preparing for recruitment. We will also forward your application to our partners who are currently looking for employees.


After completing and passing the course, you will receive a certificate confirming the skills you have acquired.

Practical knowledge

During the course you will do a practical project that will build your professional portfolio.

Enhancv is a user-friendly resume builder that offers hundreds of free resume templates and examples that can help you create a professional resume and cover letter. All students who receive the course completion certificate will also get 6 month access to the Pro version of a professional CV creator for free.

Course schedule
See how and when you'll be learning
You can easily adapt our course to your daily schedule. All live lessons are recorded; if you can’t attend a class, the 24/7 platform will allow you to review the material anytime, anywhere. You will learn in small groups (at most 16 participants), so mentors will always have time for your questions and concerns.
Live lessons are held twice a week and last 1.5 h.
You can take advantage of 1.5 hours per week for consultations with a mentor. This is your time to ask questions and address any concerns.
Case Studies
During the Software Tester course you will prepare a professional group project that will be perfect for your portfolio.
Meet the experts who'll be teaching you

Future Collars mentors come from the industry and have a strong passion for teaching. With their knowledge and experience, you can gain the skills necessary to start working in IT.

Rafał Kielar
Senior Software Developer at ABB
Programmer with several years of testing experience. He specialises in augmented and virtual reality applications and the Unity engine.
Marta Taborowska-Grącka
Quality Assurance Specialist at Fujitsu
Enthusiast of agile methodologies, design thinking, and data quality testing. She specialises in business application testing, Azure AD, and SQL.
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From a copywriter to a manual tester - the story of Martyna's rebranding

First of all, you have to make a decision to change - said Martyna Bogusz, sharing her history of changing industries. Read how copywriting and testing differ from each other, who can work as a tester and what was the most difficult part of the change process.
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We'll help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary and enter the IT industry. You'll receive support at every stage, from choosing a course, through support during the course and ending with finding your first job.

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We'll advise you on choosing a Bootcamp tailored to your strong points and interests.

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When you choose to study with us, you can expect direct contact with a mentor, live lessons, practical knowledge and professional projects for your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We think the course should adapt to your daily schedule, not the other way around. Therefore, all live lectures are recorded.

To sign up for training, you should:

  • select the start date that suits you from the course page;
  • select the payment method (one-time payment or commercial instalments);
  • read the terms and conditions of Future Collars, provide your details and decide whether you want to receive an invoice for your order;
  • make online payments or apply for commercial instalments.

Yes, of course. We do not require prior experience before starting the lessons. Many of our students are beginners, and our courses are tailored to their needs. But, of course, if you already have some experience, you will assimilate knowledge faster.

No, you don't have to specially prepare before starting the course. Our training is for beginners. But, of course, suppose you want to satisfy your curiosity before the class begins. In that case, you can check out the webinar recordings and articles on our blog.

Some courses begin with prework, that is, independent work involving self-mastering the material. You will be provided with appropriate teaching aids.

Our courses focus on practical skills and knowledge aligned with employer requirements. During bootcamps, you have the opportunity to complete assignments and hands-on projects. The portfolio built during the course will allow you to apply for junior positions. However, the final requirements are up to employers.
After completing and passing the course, you will receive a certificate from us, which confirms your acquired knowledge and skills. After completing the course, we will support you in your job search and connect the best students with our partners (i.e., companies that employ our graduates). Final requirements are dependent on individual employers.
For those who achieve their goals more quickly and want to complete additional exercises, the mentor may provide assignments with an extended difficulty level.