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The IT industry is constantly developing, and you can do the same.  The wide variety of IT positions may come as a surprise. Our offer includes courses tailored to various competencies and skills.

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Learning from practitioners with many years of experience

Our mentors have the practical experience and educational enthusiasm. They’ll be available for you during lessons, duty hours on the chat and consultations.

Live lessons

You’ll have direct contact with a mentor and a group of students. This’ll allow you to ask questions whenever you wish.

Remote learning

The courses are held 100% online which allows you to learn wherever and whenever you want.

Educational platform

On the platform you will find study materials, lesson recordings and assignments. The platform will allow you to monitor your progress, report any problems to the mentor or arrange an individual consultation.

Practical tasks

You’ll get access to numerous practical tasks, which will allow you to consolidate and test your knowledge.

English lessons powered by Eklektika

You will get a free package of English lessons tailored to your chosen course. The lessons have been prepared by EKLEKTIKA – the leader in teaching English for the IT, Digital and e-Commerce sectors.

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Our specialist will help you find a job and prepare for the recruitment process. We will also send your application to our partners.

Why is it worth going into IT?

IT is an industry that is constantly evolving and offers numerous opportunities. See why it’s a world worth entering.


will require knowledge of new technologies within a few years.

50 thousand

in IT are already needed just in Poland.

of IT workers

are expecting a pay rise this year.

PLN 14k-23k
is the salary

of the best-paid IT professions.

Work with
our partners

We work with modern companies, which are looking for candidates among our students. Among them, you’ll find many well-known corporations, software houses and start-ups.

Development opportunities in IT

Future Collars is an online programming and digital competence school with one of the broadest selections of IT vocational courses on the market. However, we know pretty well that IT is more than just coding, and the variety of professions available within this industry can be astonishing. See which areas you can develop by studying with us:

Among our bootcamps, you will naturally find classic online programming courses such as Python Developer, Java Developer, Frontend Developer, and HTML&CSS. If you enjoy learning and have analytical and logical skills, this development option is worth considering. Programmers remain the largest group of professionals in the IT industry. Regardless of the programming language they choose, they can’t complain about a lack of job opportunities. By choosing to learn programming at Future Collars, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a job as a junior programmer, all under the watchful eye of experienced mentors-practitioners.

Do you want to learn how to test? Whether you’re just starting out or already have testing experience, you’ll find something for yourself. Our course offering includes two bootcamps: Software Tester and Automation Tester. The profession of a tester is often a gateway to the world of IT for people who have not been involved in it so far. This is a job for meticulous people who can think outside the box and pay attention to detail. If you already know how to test manually, the Automation Tester online course will be the next step. We focus on practical skills and direct contact with mentors. Through hands-on assignments, you will gain essential knowledge to strengthen your position in the job market.

Large quantities don’t scare but actually fascinate you? If so, there are two courses to choose from: Data Science and Business Intelligence. They will help you learn how to effectively analyse and present data. Well processed and presented data improves the operation of many departments of a modern company. This online course will prepare you to predict trends and streamline and automate work using properly processed data. This is a job for people who can see the big picture and make accurate inferences.

Want to bring some creativity to the IT world? Become a UX Designer! At the bootcamp, you’ll learn everything you need to make websites or apps usable and intuitive. A UX Designer is responsible for analysing user needs, creating information architecture, and building mock-ups and prototypes. This is a profession for communicative and empathetic people. Learning UX with us means lots of practice! Using a modern platform, you will perform tasks that consolidate your knowledge. At the end of the course, you will have created a professional UX design perfect for your portfolio.

Does working with people drive you to action? You’ll also find jobs in the IT industry where contact with other professionals is significant. The business environment blends with the world of technology. If you feel that managing the work of a team or ensuring the value and development of a digital product is essential to you, choose one of the Scrum team roles! High communication skills and excellent work organisation are imperative here. At Future Collars, you can take advantage of the following bootcamps: Scrum Master and Product Owner, during which you will gain practical planning and management skills that you will use in your future work.

Do you want independence and a lot of freedom to choose your tasks? Are you interested in remote work? Then, check out our Online Business Manager bootcamp, where we teach website and social media maintenance, personal brand management, and client collaboration. This is a job for creative, open-minded people who want to keep growing. Learning with a mentor will help you gain the competencies required by your future clients.