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Start your journey into the world of new technology with Future Collars’ innovative programming course and intelligent software. Learn online with the support of mentors. We have introduced artificial intelligence (AI) into our processes! Check out the details.

  • Dedicated AI courses for advanced learners
  • AI is a part of our courses now
  • Monthly AI workshops
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Unsure if IT is for you?

We understand that choosing the right course can be a challenging task. That’s why we offer a free test, which is specifically designed to evaluate your skills and competencies for a career in IT. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back – complete the test and discover your perfect career fit!

Established quality

We’re proud of our innovative teaching methods, which we’ve been working on since 2016. We currently offer 12 intensive courses tailored to the needs of today’s labour market. They ensure a quick and effective path to enter the IT industry.


We have an ISO 9001 certificate. It confirms that our Bootcamps meet the highest quality and education effectiveness standards.

Award in the Digital Convergence category for creating and developing a “digital business ecosystem.”

One of the most intriguing social businesses in the CEE region, according to European Venture Philanthropy.

Included in the programming Bootcamps ranking.

One of Poland’s best start-ups according to My Company.

Listed as a “Positive Impact Start-up” (Startup Pozytywnego Wpływu) by the Kozminski Hub.

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Why choose us for your IT learning journey?
Learning from practitioners with years of experience

Our mentors bring years of real-world experience, providing you with personalized support during live lessons, chat hours, and individual consultations.

Live lessons

You will have direct access to mentors
and a supportive community of fellow students.
This will empower you to ask questions and receive support whenever needed.

Remote learning

Our courses are conducted entirely online,
giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose.

Exlusive educational platform

Our proprietary educational platform provides
a wide range of resources, including learning materials, recorded lessons, and assignments.
You can conveniently track your progress, communicate with your mentor, and schedule consultations to address any questions or concerns.

Portfolio-Building Assignments

You will be provided with a wide array of hands-on assignments that serve as opportunities to reinforce and assess your knowledge.
These practical tasks consist of real-world projects that will allow you to build an impressive portfolio.

Career Placement Support

Upon completing the course, you will receive comprehensive support in your job search
and recruitment preparation, including workshops on CV creation, LinkedIn profile optimization, effective job searching, and interview preparation.

See how we can support you

A specialist will advise you on choosing a course tailored to your strong points and interests.

Financing advisor

If necessary, you can pay for the course in instalments or take advantage of other financing options. The advisor will help you with this process

Recruitment advisor

Our specialist will help you find a job and prepare for the recruitment process. We will also send your application to our partners.

Why can you trust us?

Our proprietary teaching model makes learning with us highly effective and rewarding. The successes and stories of our graduates are a testimony to that.


Our courses have been completed by as many as 4600 people, who gained their digital competencies for the future with us.


Our best graduates find employment in the companies that we collaborate with.

editions of all bootcamps

Since the beginning, we have completed more than 260 editions of all bootcamps.


Future Collars mentors are specialists with practical experience and a passion for teaching.