Business Intelligence course

The Business Intelligence course will show you the basics of business analytics and data modelling. You'll learn to use modern tools for data analysis and presentation. Real case studies will show you how BI works in practice. Once you finish the Bootcamp, you'll be ready to work as a Data Analyst / BI Developer.

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18 weeks
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Who is the course for
What you should know before the course
The course is for anybody who come into contact with data in their work. Knowledge of Business Intelligence will allow you to develop the skills needed to analyse and present data and perform data-based forecasting quickly and effectively.
Analytical thinking
Drawing accurate conclusions
Seeing the bigger picture

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Detailed scope of the Business Intelligence course
Download the detailed scope of the course to see what you'll learn.
Course syllabus
Course scope
You will analyse the most important design methodologies and learn what Business Intelligence is.
You will learn about the popular Power BI tool, and find out how to integrate data in Power Query.
You will learn how to analyse and model large amounts of data from various sources. You will focus on combining multiple queries using functions such as Lookup, Merge, Join, and Union.
You will use DAX language in practice and perform the exercise: introducing business logic to DAX measures in Power BI.
You will summarise your knowledge and learn how to create a coherent system that automates data analysis and allows for further organisational development. You will learn about the possibilities and use of Machine Learning and AI in Business Intelligence.
During the course, you will complete 6 practical tasks, enabling you to test and consolidate new skills. You will also go through 5 case studies that will build your professional portfolio.
After passing the final project, you will receive a certificate. Completing the course will allow you to obtain knowledge and skills enabling you to work with Business Intelligence.
Additional benefits
Support in recruitment

After completing the course, you'll receive help searching for a job and preparing for recruitment. We'll also forward your application to our partners looking for employees. (Only for Polish citizens)

Microsoft Learn courses

You'll gain access to curated Microsoft Learn courses specifically tailored to the Business Intelligence course, made available directly from our e-learning platform.

Practical knowledge

The classes are conducted by Mentors with many years of experience. Our instructors are 100% practitioners - they work in the profession on a daily basis and develop international projects with foreign companies. During the course, you will receive individual support from instructors and remain in close 1:1 consultation with Mentors.

Enhancv is a user-friendly resume builder that offers hundreds of free resume templates and examples that can help you create a professional resume and cover letter. All students receive access to the Pro version of the CV creator for free for 6 months.

Skills gained from the course
What will you be able to do after the course
You'll learn how to use Power BI and process data within this tool
You'll create interactive BI reports and learn the best practices used in this process
You'll learn how to obtain business requirements from the client
You'll be able to load, clean and merge data from multiple sources using Power Query
Course schedule
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Our course can easily fit into your daily schedule. All lessons are recorded live sa if you can't attend, our 24/7 platform allows you to view course materials at your convenience.
20 recorded lessons
You have 1.5 hours a week to be used for consultations with a mentor. It's your time to get all your questions answered.
Case Studies
You'll do 5 case studies during the course, allowing you to build your portfolio.
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Meet the experts who'll be teaching you

Future Collars mentors come from the industry and have a strong passion for teaching. With their knowledge and experience, you can gain the skills necessary to start working in IT.

Przemysław Baran
BI Architect / Consultant / Developer
Certified Microsoft Power BI tool expert. He has analytical experience in the consulting industry. He has been developing complex BI solutions for companies for the last few years.
Michał Ćwiok
Architect Azure and Power BI
Passionate about data analysis and processing as well as online privacy issues. He has worked with data for years for multinational corporations and small organisations.
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How do we teach at Future Collars?

We'll help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary and enter the IT industry. You'll receive support at every stage, from choosing a course, through obtaining financing and ending with finding your first job.

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We'll advise you on choosing a Bootcamp tailored to your strong points and interests.

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We want science to be accessible to everyone. That's why you can divide the cost of the course into instalments or take advantage of various financing options.

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When you choose to study with us, you can expect direct contact with a mentor, live lessons, practical knowledge and professional projects for your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We think the course should adapt to your daily schedule, not the other way around. Therefore, all live lectures are recorded.

To sign up for training, you should:

  • select the start date that suits you from the course page;
  • select the payment method (one-time payment or commercial instalments);
  • read the terms and conditions of Future Collars, provide your details and decide whether you want to receive an invoice for your order;
  • make online payments or apply for commercial instalments.

If you wish to take advantage of one of the subsidies: Loans for education, the Labor Office, KFS or PARP, the enrollment process looks different. Then the first step is to contact our Subsidy Specialist: [email protected].

Yes, of course. We do not require prior experience before starting the lessons. Many of our students are beginners, and our courses are tailored to their needs. But, of course, if you already have some experience, you will assimilate knowledge faster.

No, you don't have to specially prepare before starting the course. Our training is for beginners. But, of course, suppose you want to satisfy your curiosity before the class begins. In that case, you can check out the webinar recordings and articles on our blog.

Some courses begin with prework, that is, independent work involving self-mastering the material. You will be provided with appropriate teaching aids.

We do not require specific English language proficiency for those entering the Business Intelligence course. However, remember that with the purchase of the course, thanks to our partnership with Eklektika Language Means Business, you have the possibility of 3-month access to the “English for IT” course.
The condition to pass the bootcamp is to complete all tasks on the platform (6 tasks) and complete 5 case study projects (one after each module).
The average net salary for a junior specialist is about PLN 4,000. However, it is worth remembering that the IT industry is growing very fast, which means a steady increase in salaries. As many as 75% of IT workers expect a raise this year.
The projects in the Business Intelligence course are real-life case studies that will practically prepare you. They include a demonstration report for a potential client, creating a data model in Power BI, adding a business layer using DAX, and model visualisation.
Our courses focus on practical skills and knowledge aligned with employer requirements. During bootcamps, you have the opportunity to complete assignments and hands-on projects. The portfolio built during the course will allow you to apply for junior positions. However, the final requirements are up to employers.
After completing and passing the course, you will receive a certificate from us, which confirms your acquired knowledge and skills. After completing the course, we will support you in your job search and connect the best students with our partners (i.e., companies that employ our graduates). Final requirements are dependent on individual employers.
For those who achieve their goals more quickly and want to complete additional exercises, the mentor may provide assignments with an extended difficulty level.