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Are you facing the challenge of a shortage of IT specialists in your company?

Wondering how to develop the skills of your employees and help them start a career in the IT department?

Do you want to enhance the technological competencies of your employees and increase their efficiency?

Do you want to take care of long-term employees who have to leave, by giving them skills that increase their chances in the job market?

We know how to do it.

Companies that trusted us

They have already embraced the digital revolution. These companies trusted our experience and entrusted us with the task of enhancing their employees’ competencies.

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The digital revolution is forever changing the job market. Don't miss the opportunity, stay ahead of the challenges.
81% of companies
have problems with access to appropriate IT staff.
By 2025
more than half of the tasks performed by humans will be taken over by automation. As a result of these changes, 54% of global organizations will have to change the profile of their employees.
40% of HR leaders
confirm that they are unable to reskill employees as quickly as competency requirements change.
How can we support your company?

Check what options we offer companies to support employees in changing industries and acquiring new competences.

Business solutions
  • Requalification to IT: A solution for companies that want to acquire IT specialists by leveraging the potential that lies within their employees.
  • Why is it worth it?
    – You save time and resources by reducing lengthy recruitment processes.
    – You increase employee engagement by offering them opportunities for development.
    – You gain specialists tailored to your needs who are already familiar with the company.
  • Training Your Employees: Proposals for companies that want to improve employee competencies in the IT areas of their choice.
  • Why is it worth it?
    – By enhancing employee competencies, you increase their effectiveness in projects.
    – You provide employees with opportunities for development, thereby boosting their motivation.
    – You reduce the risk associated with the success of projects.
  • IT Courses with Recruitment and Onboarding: Solutions for organizations that want to acquire entire groups of specialists with specific IT competencies for their projects.
  • Why is it worth it?
    – By creating an IT academy with us, you gain control over the training and recruitment process.
    – You gain trained specialists whose knowledge is tailored to the needs of the IT department.
    – You create an effective program that presents your company as an employer that ensures development.
Solutions for employees
  • Expanding Employee Benefits to Include IT Competency Courses: Solutions for companies that want to provide their employees with a modern, effective benefit that offers opportunities for development.
  • Why is it worth it?
    – By encouraging employees to develop their skills, you increase their effectiveness in projects.

    – You ensure skill development towards the most sought-after competencies in the market.
    – You increase employee retention, as employees are more likely to stay with a company that appreciates their commitment.
  • Re-skilling Outgoing Employees: Solutions for companies that want to prepare departing employees to re-enter the job market with IT competencies.
  • Why is it worth it?
    – You maintain the image of a responsible employer among both departing and current employees.
    – You increase retention by building a sense of security among your employees.
    – You mitigate negative sentiments that could adversely affect the work of other employees.
    – You minimize the level of stress among the management staff.

IT Talent profile©

Discover the potential in the IT industry that your employees possess! Uncover their natural predispositions – provide them with a IT Talent test.

The test is completely free
You will receive the result to the provided e-mail address
It will take you approximately 15-30 minutes to complete the test
Answer honestly (even if you don't like the answer)
What distinguishes cooperation with Future Collars?
Many years of experience

For over 7 years, we have been creating and conducting comprehensive end-to-end processes for companies, within which we enhance IT competencies and help employees transition into the IT sector.

Practitioner mentors

We collaborate exclusively with specialists who possess the necessary knowledge and extensive experience in working for global organizations. Each of our mentors undergoes a detailed verification process, during which we assess them in terms of experience and competencies.

A wide range of IT training courses

We offer a wide range of IT courses, enabling companies to enhance their employees’ competencies in areas that are essential for business development.

Intensive and fast training

We offer a wide range of IT courses, allowing companies to elevate the competencies of their employees in areas crucial for business development.

Effective methodology

We utilize a proven online teaching methodology that ensures flexibility while delivering desired outcomes. Our students work in groups, perform tasks in SCRUM, and create real projects that reflect work in the IT industry. The effectiveness of our teaching has been confirmed by over 3000 individuals. 80% of our graduates find a job within 3 months.

Specialized IT test

We use the first specialist IT Talent Profile test in Poland, which allows us to verify the natural predispositions of our students and match them to the appropriate IT courses.

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