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During the HTML & CSS course you will gain practical experience in creating websites. For a period of 5 weeks you will be working on practical individual and group tasks which will provide you the necessary skills to achieve success as a web developer.

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Czas trwania5 weeks

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This HTML&CSS course will teach you how to create a website structure and style it according to today's standards. Learn how to create web page elements, create the website structure, insert images, links, and other elements.
Ability to think logically
A desire to learn and grow continuously.
Patience and self-discipline

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What you should know before Webdeveloper - WordPress, HTML & CSS?
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Course syllabus
Course scope Webdeveloper - WordPress, HTML & CSS
You will get to know HTML5 and CSS3, which are the starting point for creating websites. You will build tags, create menus, forms, learn frame editing. You will learn to write code blocks.
You will learn techniques for creating websites that dynamically change their appearance depending on the screen width on which they are displayed (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop).
During the course you will do practical tasks, thanks to which you will check and solidify new skills. You will also create two projects that will build your professional portfolio.
During the course you will be mentored in terms of job search and preparing for job interviews. After passing the final project, you will receive a certificate from us. By completing the course, you will gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to work as a Junior Wordpress Developer.
Skills gained from the course
What will you be able to do after the course Webdeveloper - WordPress, HTML & CSS?
You will create the structure of the website in HTML
You will build responsive websites
You will style your created website using CSS
You will use Visual Studio Code - a popular code editor
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Additional benefits
Support in recruitment

After completing the course, you will receive 3-week help in looking for a job and preparing for recruitment. We will also forward your application to our partners who are currently looking for employees.


After completing and passing the course, you will receive a certificate confirming the skills you have acquired.

Practical knowledge

You will complete two practical projects that will form the basis of your professional portfolio.

Enhancv is a user-friendly resume builder that offers hundreds of free resume templates and examples that can help you create a professional resume and cover letter. All students receive access to the Pro version of the CV creator for free for 6 months.

Course schedule
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You can easily adjust our course to your daily schedule. All live lessons are recorded - if you can't attend the classes, the 24/7 platform will enable you to get acquainted with the material at any time and any place. You will learn in small groups (maximum 16 students), so that mentors will always find time for your questions and doubts.
Live lessons take place twice a week and last 1.5h.
You can use 1.5 hours a week for consultations with a mentor. This is your time to ask questions and resolve any doubts.
Case Studies
You will complete two practical projects that will form the basis of your professional portfolio.
Meet the experts who'll be teaching you

Future Collars mentors come from the industry and have a strong passion for teaching. With their knowledge and experience, you can gain the skills necessary to start working in IT.

Mateusz Rajek
Frontend Developer w Expansio Software House
A graduate of the Frontend Developer bootcamp at Future Collars
Jakub Pisula
Frontend Web Developer w Avenga Poland
Frontend developer with several years of experience. He has been employed by both large and small companies, working on large websites available to millions of users, as well as on internal administrative systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We think the course should adapt to your daily schedule, not the other way around. Therefore, all live lectures are recorded.

To sign up for training, you should:

  • select the start date that suits you from the course page;
  • select the payment method (one-time payment or commercial instalments);
  • read the terms and conditions of Future Collars, provide your details and decide whether you want to receive an invoice for your order;
  • make online payments or apply for commercial instalments.

Yes, of course. We do not require prior experience before starting the lessons. Many of our students are beginners, and our courses are tailored to their needs. But, of course, if you already have some experience, you will assimilate knowledge faster.

No, you don't have to specially prepare before starting the course. Our training is for beginners. But, of course, suppose you want to satisfy your curiosity before the class begins. In that case, you can check out the webinar recordings and articles on our blog.

Some courses begin with prework, that is, independent work involving self-mastering the material. You will be provided with appropriate teaching aids.