We're a creator of innovative education with a social mission

The future of the job market begins today. More than half of current professions will not exist in 10 years! Progressive digitisation, automation and robotisation will change our everyday working life.

Who are Future Collars?

Just a few years from now, 90% of jobs will require knowledge of new technologies. That’s why, in addition to the old division into white and blue collars, symbolising employees performing office and manual tasks, a new category now appears, NEW, FUTURE COLLARS. They constantly learn, develop and change their skillset and use new technologies, such as programming, to work more efficiently and effectively. This gives them the freedom of choice, security and possibility to pursue a profession that provides them with a stable future and reasonable remuneration.

Established quality

We’re proud of our innovative teaching methods, which we’ve been working on since 2016. We currently offer 12 intensive courses tailored to the needs of today’s labour market. They ensure a quick and effective path to enter the IT industry.

We monitor the satisfaction
of our students all the time


We have an ISO 9001 certificate. It confirms that our Bootcamps meet the highest quality and education effectiveness standards.

Award in the Digital Convergence category for creating and developing a “digital business ecosystem.”

One of the most intriguing social businesses in the CEE region, according to European Venture Philanthropy.

Included in the programming Bootcamps ranking.

One of Poland’s best start-ups according to My Company.

Listed as a “Positive Impact Start-up” (Startup Pozytywnego Wpływu) by the Kozminski Hub.

Why can you trust us?

Our proprietary teaching model makes learning with us highly effective and rewarding. The successes and stories of our graduates are a testimony to that.


Our courses have been completed by as many as 4600 people, who gained their digital competencies for the future with us.


Our best graduates find employment in the companies that we collaborate with.

editions of all bootcamps

Since the beginning, we have completed more than 260 editions of all bootcamps.


Future Collars mentors are specialists with practical experience and a passion for teaching.

Our social commitment

We believe that everyone should have a chance to learn, develop and enjoy employment security in the new digital economy. We see diversity as an opportunity for a more sustainable economy and a fair world, fulfilling the needs of everybody, regardless of gender, age, experience or origin.

Our social activities have been noticed by the international organisation NESsT, which made us part of their portfolio of supported companies in 2019.
Social campaigns

Fund of diversity in IT

Building equal opportunities where everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential and use their skills is important to us.

Woman Update

The campaign aimed at encouraging women to change their careers and continually develop and learn new skills. We have created a dedicated platform with a knowledge base where you can find: a free how-to guide on how to change your career, access to free online digital skills lessons, numerous educational materials, and inspirational and motivational podcasts.
Do you want to work together against exclusion?

If you have an idea to counteract exclusion, please contact us.
We’ll gladly discuss your idea and how it can be implemented.

The people who make up FutureCollars

Future Collars was founded by Beata Jarosz and Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska. The co-founders of Future Collars have over 30 years of experience in running a business, initiating and organising events and social campaigns to fight digital exclusion, and supporting equality and diversity in the labour market.

Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska

Co-founder and vice-president of FutureCollars
Mentor in the Tech Leaders programme and initiator of the Known Women Experts project, which aims to increase the participation and visibility of women in economic and social life. Publisher of the “Women in Technology” report, presenting the 100 most influential women in the IT sector in Poland. Brief magazine’s Person of the Year 2015.

Beata Jarosz

Co-founder and CEO of FutureCollars
Capital market expert with 30 years of professional experience. Vice President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. She advised the board of the Polish Power Exchange. Co-founder of the NewConnect marketplace for growing companies in the SME sector.