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  • Dedicated AI courses for advanced learners
  • AI is a part of our courses now
  • Monthly AI workshops
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Dedicated AI courses for advanced learners

According to an IDC study, 62% of companies are already using generative artificial intelligence, and 24% have stated that they plan to implement or invest in artificial intelligence within the next 24 months. 52% mentioned that their biggest barrier is the lack of qualified personnel needed to scale AI-related initiatives. Many companies have declared their intention to introduce artificial intelligence into their organizations. With them in mind, we are introducing dedicated courses focused on artificial intelligence, aimed at individuals who already have advanced knowledge in the IT field and want to quickly enhance their skills.

In our courses:

  • You will gain knowledge about LLM, LangChain libraries, API integration, enabling you to create your own AI applications.
  • You will learn how to automate routine tasks and utilize AI to solve complex problems.
  • You will enrich your CV with specialized AI courses to gain an advantage in recruitment processes.
Kursy AI Future Collars

AI is a part of our courses

Now, every learning path is enriched with specialized lessons dedicated to artificial intelligence. Whether you are learning to program in Python, JavaScript, or data visualization in Power BI, you will also acquire skills on how to apply AI tools.
In our course offerings, all educational programs have been enriched with AI elements to enable you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the most current AI tools relevant to your future career in IT.
  • Master practical ways of utilizing AI to optimize processes and tasks.
  • Gain knowledge about innovative AI applications that can enhance your area of expertise.
Moduły AI w kursach Future Collars
Moduły AI w kursach Future Collars
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Monthly AI Workshops

At Future Collars, we understand that learning is an ongoing process, especially in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. That’s why we have introduced monthly AI workshops, specially designed for our students and graduates, to ensure that each of them is always up-to-date with AI technology advancements.

  • We regularly expand knowledge and skills in AI through the latest information and techniques presented by our experts.
  • We teach how to effectively apply generative AI.
  • We provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from our experts.
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