Bet on your development with Amazon

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program designed specifically to improve the qualifications of our employees who will be looking for work outside of our company in the future, as well as inside it. By partnering with Future Collars to provide training opportunities for popular career paths, Amazon is proud to offer eligible employees the tools they need to start realizing their aspirations. Go to the program page

About program
What is the purpose of the program?

Amazon has created the “Bet on Your Development” program, in which employees can gain qualifications, and thus a new profession, which may even be unrelated to work in the brand’s logistics center.

Areas of activity

Amazon’s Career Choice program operates in 14 countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Costa Rica, Slovakia and Australia) with plans to expand to more international markets.

Who are the participants?

Since its launch, Amazon’s Career Choice program has helped over 40,000 employees worldwide (30,000 in the US).

Co-financing of courses

You do not have to worry about funding the course. Check out and learn about your funding options.

Information from Amazon

“Amazon’s Career Choice Partner Network schools live up to our commitment to provide employees with high-quality learning support services that will give them new career opportunities outside of Amazon. Together, we enable affordable education prepared to the needs of the industry and the unique learning needs of adult workers. We are proud to join forces with these local, national and global partners.”

What can you learn?

Republic of Ireland


The HTML and CSS course was created for those people who want to master the basic skills in a very short time, sufficient to create simple websites. The knowledge gained during these 5 weeks is a solid base on which all subsequent levels of programming education can be based

Course start: 28/08/2023

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The Python Developer course consists of 14 weeks of live lessons with an experienced mentor. This course will help you gain a solid foundation and write your first programs in Python

Course start: More info soon

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Czech Republic and Slovakia

Software tester
During the online bootcamp you will learn the necessary theory, but above all you will gain practical skills that will prepare you for work as a tester. Within 8 weeks you will prepare individual and group tasks under the supervision of experienced mentors.

Course start: 25/09/2023

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What will you gain by using the Future Collars offer.
Course co-financing

Learn more about your funding options at

Learning from practitioners with several years of experience

Our mentors have the practical experience and educational enthusiasm. They’ll be available for you during lessons, duty hours on the chat and for consultations.

Live lessons

You will have direct contact with a mentor and a group of students. This’ll allow you to ask questions whenever you wish. The courses are 100% online.

Educational platform
On the platform you will find study materials, lesson recordings and assignments. The platform will allow you to monitor your progress, report any problems to your mentor or arrange an individual consultation.
Recruitment support

After completing the course, you will receive 3-week help in looking for a job and preparing for recruitment. We will also forward your application to our partners who are currently looking for employees.

How to take advantage of the Bet on Your Development program?

Choose a course

Choose an IT course that will give you practical skills to enter the world of technology. Complete our free predisposition test. If you are not sure which of the bootcamps will be the best, make an appointment with our advisor for free consultations.


Check the availability

Once you’ve chosen a course, log in to the Amazon website and see if it’s among the funded courses. Most of our bootcamps will be available to you. We will check whether you meet the conditions for participation.


Contact us

You can find the application form on the course pages. Please complete it before applying for Amazon funding.


Apply for Amazon funding through the website

Select the school and course you are interested in. Before the start of classes, you settle the remaining payment.


Bet on your development with Amazon

Now just join the classes and gain new competences or a new profession in a promising industry.