FastAPI: The Future of Python Backend

3 days

Are you ready to accelerate your career as a Python Backend developer? Join our intensive FastAPI course! Over the course of 3 days, you will immerse yourself in the world of FastAPI, a modern and dynamically developing framework that is becoming more and more popular in the backend industry. Discover FastAPI’s advanced features, including ASGI support, a practical approach to working with the framework, authorization and authentication methods and learn good practices for creating an effective and secure API. Whether you’re working on large projects or just starting your backend journey, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to create efficient and scalable web applications.

The course is intended for people who have at least the basics of Python.

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    Who is the FastAPI: The Future of Python Backend course for?

    FastAPI is a modern and dynamically developing tool, perfect for people interested in creating APIs. Whether you have commercial programming experience or are just starting out, this course offers practical skills from HTTP basics to API development to advanced database and file handling techniques. This is an excellent opportunity to develop competences in an area that is extremely desirable on the labor market, as well as to expand knowledge in the field of new technologies.

    Critical thinking and analytical skills

    Willingness to learn and continuous development

    Problem-solving attitude

    What is worth knowing before the FastAPI: The Future of Python Backend course?
    Course scope

    Download the detailed course scope and check what you will learn.

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      FastAPI course topics: The future of backend in Python

      During the intensive FastAPI training, you will learn advanced FastAPI functions, develop ASGI skills, and most importantly, learn the practical use of this framework.

      1. HTTP and FastAPI basics

      In this part of the course, you will learn the basics of creating APIs using FastAPI. We’ll start with HTTP basics and then move on to installing FastAPI and creating a simple “Hello World” API. We will also focus on OpenAPI for automatic documentation and the use of tags and routers in FastAPI, which will allow for better organization and management of your API.

      2. Creating the first API

      You’ll start by learning how to use the various HTTP methods that are crucial to the operation of the API. We will then move on to using query and path parameters, which enable a more dynamic and flexible API. We will also focus on data validation and appropriate HTTP statuses, which is important for creating reliable and professional APIs. Finally, we’ll look at request body support, including JSON data and forms, which will allow you to effectively manage inputs in your API.

      3. Advanced API creation issues

      At this stage, you will learn to manage headers, cookies and CORS configuration, understand the dependencies in FastAPI, explore the basics of OAuth 2.0 and learn authentication and authorization methods. This will allow you to create safe and functional APIs.

      4. Databases and files

      You will focus on integration with databases and file management. You will learn to use SQLAlchemy, a popular Python ORM tool, to effectively manage databases. Then we will move on to performing background tasks, which is crucial for operations that require more time and should not block the main application thread. Finally, you will gain skills in uploading and downloading files, which will allow you to support a variety of data formats in your API.

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      You can easily adapt our course to your daily schedule. All live lessons are recorded – if you are unable to attend the classes, the 24/7 platform will allow you to check the material at any time and anywhere. You will learn in small groups (maximum 16 students), so mentors will always have time to answer your questions and doubts.

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      On the 24/7 Original educational platform you will find learning materials, lesson recordings and tasks. You can check your progress, report any problems to your mentor or arrange a consultation.

      Live lessons

      Live lessons take place twice a week and last 3 hours.

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