Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In Future Collars, our goal is not only to talk about diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion – but above all, their realization. These values are not just part of our mission, but they form the foundation of our business strategy.

  • We understand that true diversity in the workplace is more than just a declaration – it’s a key to innovation and success.
  • We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance for learning, development, and job security in a dynamically changing digital economy.

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The Reality of the IT Industry


of all IT specialists in Europe are women.


of global technology leadership positions are held by women.


of employees in the global digital technology sector are women.


of women are aware of the growing importance of competencies – from digital to social.


of Poles still believe that IT is a more male-dominated field.

Why is Diversity Important?


Gender diversity in management positions significantly impacts a company’s profitability, increasing it by up to 25%. Teams with greater diversity are characterized by a better understanding of the market, more effective decision-making, and increased innovation, which translates into competitiveness and profitability of the company.


Companies with diverse management teams achieve 19% higher revenues due to a holistic approach to strategy and openness to new markets. Diversity on the board results in better problem-solving and innovations, which translate into improved financial performance.

6x i 8x

Organizations with an inclusive culture are 6 times more innovative and agile, and their business outcomes are 8 times better due to greater adaptation and efficiency stemming from diversity.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience and knowledge, built on the basis of proprietary research and collaboration with leading global companies, as well as the creation of a community of female experts and the success of five editions of Women In IT Day, which attracted 10,000 participants, strengthen our position as a leader in the field of education and promoting diversity in the IT sector.

Additionally, over the last six years of our operation, we have trained more than 67% women among our 5000 graduates. This is proof of our deep commitment and effectiveness in striving for gender balance in the technology industry.

By collaborating with us, you will increase diversity in your IT teams

We offer comprehensive solutions that help companies achieve this goal.
Our services include:

IT Specialist Recruitment:
Graduates of data science, cybersecurity, and programming courses

We specialize in the recruitment process and sourcing of qualified female candidates for IT teams. We provide companies with talents from our pool of outstanding graduates specializing in various IT fields. Our training programs cover key areas such as Data Science, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, Programming in Python and Java, UX Design, and Application Testing.

IT Training and Mentoring:
Developing Technical and Leadership Skills

Our dedicated training and mentoring programs focus on developing technical and leadership skills, preparing candidates for roles in the IT industry.

Partnership in Initiatives
Promoting Diversity in IT

We organize events that promote diversity in IT, perfect for networking and sharing experiences. Participation in our conferences and campaigns not only highlights your company’s commitment to inclusion but also strengthens your brand and network, opening access to new talents.

Trusted by Us - Industry Leaders

We are proud that our initiatives have gained the trust and support of leading global technology and financial companies. Our partners include:

By collaborating with us, you become part of a dynamically evolving community,
actively influencing the shaping of the future of the IT industry.

“Our Initiatives for a Better Future of Technology” or “Our Initiatives for Greater Diversity in IT”


Women in IT Day: A Unique Stage for the Development of Women in Technology

Women in IT Day is an annual, free online event, key to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the IT industry. We focus on opening paths for women who want to develop their careers in technology. Our specialized development tracks, Re:Start and UP:Great, are designed to inspire and support women in their pursuit of success in the world of IT.

Over five editions of Women in IT Day, the event has attracted nearly 10,000 participants from over 40 countries, becoming a global platform for women wishing to develop their technological skills.

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womanupdate g

Woman Update: Empowerment and Inspiration for Women

The educational campaign Woman Update aims to inspire women to acquire key digital competencies and to engage in the IT industry. We confront stereotypes and fight against digital exclusion, showcasing the diversity of roles and opportunities that new technologies open up for women.

Our goal is to prepare women for the dynamically changing job market and the advancing digitization.

Woman Update emphasizes the need to be aware of the risks associated with automation and robotization, while simultaneously showing ways to ensure a secure professional future in the technology sector.

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Fundusz roznorodnosci

Diversity in IT Fund: Supporting Integration and Professional Development

The Diversity in IT Fund is an initiative aimed at supporting the integration of marginalized individuals in the technology industry. We offer up to 90% funding for IT courses, as well as additional support in the form of mentoring, English lessons, and professional recruitment advice. Our program is open to a wide range of candidates, including refugees, caregivers, mothers, unemployed individuals, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+, transgender individuals, and individuals aged 50+.

Through the Diversity in IT Fund, we aim to create a more inclusive work environment in the IT industry, enabling access to education and a tech career for everyone, regardless of their background or life circumstances.

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