IT Talent profile®

I am constantly expanding my knowledge, especially in an area that interests and challenges me.
I prefer to develop my own solutions rather than act schematically and based on the information I receive.
I am not comfortable acting schematically and relying on the information I receive.
I much prefer multi-threaded and complex tasks to simple and standard ones.
Finding hidden patterns and information from the larger whole is interesting to me.
Using a computer daily comes naturally to me, and I combine my professional plans with the use of technology.
I find it easy to give others short, specific, and understandable feedback.
Catching errors and inaccuracies comes easily to me.
The complexity and difficulty of the task further motivate me to solve it.
When faced with unstructured data, I feel motivated to organise and understand it.
I always strive to organise data, create instructions and design diagrams.
In the search for solutions, the lack of data and the unknowns themselves are an even more excellent motivator for me to move forward and find answers.
I always aim to simplify the solution as much as possible and suggest improvements and optimisations.
My motto is "I know that I don't know". The lack of solutions motivates me to explore creatively and act out of the box.
When looking for solutions, I can use various data sources, combine them, and see common conclusions in them.
Stagnation, predictability, and ready-made paths discourage me from seeking solutions.
I go beyond the outlined contexts and the information provided in completing the task.
I consider the results of my work from a broader perspective, analysing data from different areas.
When presenting the results of my work, I pay a lot of attention to graphic design and take care of every detail.
I don't stop looking until I find the most innovative solution.
I enjoy leaning into a new issue and creating possible solution options.
I am passionate about modern technology.
I can quickly and efficiently search various online sources to get my information.
I need to have conversations about topics other than just the tasks I perform.
I am guided by their usability and fit more than their innovation when proposing solutions.
I like to go out of my way to initiate actions on my own.
I quickly catch on when I miss some information to complete a task. Then, without delay, I do my research and look for answers, so I don't waste time.
The sense of influence and freedom to act motivates me to develop creative solutions.
I hate wasting time, so I plan each task and include a time reserve for "drop-ins".
Teamwork and relationships do not prevent me from focusing on accomplishing my tasks.
In teamwork, I prefer open discussion and discussion of various issues rather than communicating only key priorities.
To better understand the client's needs, I review trends, reports, and competitor standards.
When negotiating terms, I consider the other side's arguments and strive to develop the best option for everyone.
I set out tasks with ease, can prioritise, and consistently monitor goal completion.
I try not to focus only on ticking off the assigned tasks but also on coming up with new improvements.
I try to analyse the effectiveness of my work and improve it myself.
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