Free webinar: The art of data-driven decision making: exploring the world of Business Intelligence [recording]

About the workshop

Did you want to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power of data for making strategic business decisions? Are you interested in discovering the key benefits and advantages of utilizing Business Intelligence?

During this interactive webinar, we explored the world of Business Intelligence and demonstrated the benefits it can bring to your organization. You learned how to effectively gather, analyze, and utilize data to make informed decisions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and understand how Business Intelligence can transform the way you do business. Watch the recording of this fascinating webinar now and join us on this journey into the world of Business Intelligence.

We'll talk about it
  • What are the key benefits and significance of making data-driven decisions in today’s business?
  • What are the main challenges associated with data collection and analysis for making informed decisions?
  • What are the essential stages of the data-driven decision-making process in the context of Business Intelligence?
  • What are the crucial tools and techniques utilized in Business Intelligence for data analysis?
  • What are the typical types of data used in Business Intelligence and what values can be derived from them?
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Michał Ćwiok
Mentor Business Intelligence

Passionate about data analysis, data processing, and internet privacy. Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in Poland and the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. Has been working with data for both international corporations and small organizations for years. Enjoys sharing knowledge on their blog –, as well as at universities and online courses.