Circumstances forced Izabela Wilczyńska to change her profession - after the maternity leave, she could not return to her previous position because it had been liquidated. She was unemployed during the pandemic, which caused considerable turmoil in the labor market. Thanks to her relatives' incredible determination and support, she completed the Data Science course at Future Collars and works in a new profession today. Izabela decided to share her story with us.

The crisis is an excellent time to change industries.
In my previous position, I was responsible for the online sales strategy, and for my work, I used business analysis and predictions prepared by analysts. This area interested me immensely, so I watched what I could. However, I did not think about changing my job then - I had a stable job, felt good in the team, and was achieving my goals. When my maternity leave ended at the end of the summer holidays, it turned out that the company canceled my position, and I was fired.

Everything happened in slow motion for a while, but I had to shake off quickly and set up a plan of action. With small children and credit on our minds, we couldn't afford not to have a job. When I realized at what point it happened (in the middle of the pandemic, people around people lost their jobs), only my husband's and loved ones' support prevented me from breaking down. In the back of my head, I had a smoldering idea: to go towards analytics, big data, and data science. I read stories about changing industries, about women in IT. It gave me an additional positive kick. I decided that there would probably be no better time than NOW!

Co-financing the course is a good option.
So I decided - I would try- to learn what interested me so much! But how to do it? Another doubt came when I checked the prices of the courses - out of reach ... The Mamo Pracuj Foundation systematically informs about the possibilities and helps in such situations.

It turned out that I could apply for funding at the Employment Office. So I prepared the application, researched the market, and conducted preliminary talks with potential employers at virtual job fairs. While applying for a grant, I could count on the help of Future Collars advisors, who helped me get through the formalities. I was extremely lucky because funds were left only for the most excluded groups, including women from small towns returning to the labor market at the end of the year. I received funding for almost the entire course! It was quite a step forward.

Studying at Future Collars
So I started studying at Future Collars on the Data Science Bootcamp, conveniently, because entirely remotely. My husband looked after the children when I attended my evening online lessons. When they were asleep - I studied and practiced. During the day - full-time mom. These few months of the Bootcamp had been an actual marathon, but I stubbornly pushed forward. The course is organized so that students can arrange individual consultations with mentors in addition to live lessons and their own work on specific issues. There is a lot of material to learn, and it is not always possible to be present during class. You can make up the material thanks to consultations or move on if you have stalled.

Doubts came when I was browsing the junior offers because most expected at least a year of commercial experience. Will I find the job I want? Anything? Aware of my situation, good spirits around me offered me positions that corresponded to my experience. I wondered whether to take the familiar or follow my intuition and new interests. I chose the latter!

My dream job
After the training, I started working on the final project. At the same time, I started recruiting in the OLX group, which I had been observing for some time. Not believing in my newly acquired skills (and not yet confirmed with a certificate), I decided to apply for a position that was not even a junior. I was given a task that gave me a bit of trouble but also a lot of satisfaction. My confidence increased just after completing the assignment! What a joy it was for me to find that I was chosen!

I also knew that after the end of the project, it would be possible to consult a recruitment specialist. Such support at the re-training course is a shot in 10! Since I started the recruitment process while writing the project and wanted to prepare as well as possible for the interviews, I asked for an earlier consultation, and it worked. I must admit that this is an invaluable help! Knowledge of the industry, the changing process, and finally, Klaudia's great open and helpful attitude added wind to the sails.

I did not have the opportunity to use the support of the course organizer in looking for a job because I happily completed my recruitment to the OLX group. However, it was one of the things, thanks to which I decided to go to this and not another school. Mere entry into the IT industry does not guarantee employment yet, so supporting Future Collars in finding this first job gives you a significant advantage.

 A few words from the employer
As the OLX Group, we always try to hire people with great potential who are not afraid to take responsibility. When looking for business analysts, we look at technical and soft skills. Despite the lack of technical experience, Iza coped very well with our recruitment task and showed that she is not afraid of challenges and a complete change in the specifics of work. The analyses she prepares for us are supported by many years of experience in business, which also allows her to take a holistic approach to the problems we face daily. We see a lot of determination in Iza, and we keep our fingers crossed for her success in the OLX Group! - says Wojciech Odważny, Commercial Analytics Manager.

 It is worth following your intuition
During my transformation, I had many moments of doubt - my husband Krzyś was invaluable support then - thank you! I have been working as a Junior Business Analyst since May. There is still a lot of studying and work ahead of me! It wasn't easy, but I am happy I did not give up during the course. And I took the risk and sent the application. Finally, I came across a fantastic team of people who were very kind and helpful from the beginning of my adventure with business analytics.

Are you not sure if the course is for you?

We will help you make the right decision.

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