After twenty years of working in the media, Edyta understood that the current ones would make her feel satisfied. The IT industry decided to change. Two weeks after graduating from the Software Testers, she got a job as a Domain Applications Analyst. We asked Edyta to share her story and advice from people who still have to change their minds. Read Edyta's story and be inspired to change!


What did you do before changing the industry and did the experience help you in the process of changing your career?

I worked in administration. Before changing the branch, my last position was the Head of Administration and Economic Department. In the process of professional change, I was helped by motivation and willingness to acquire knowledge and skills from my previous professional experience, e.g., obtaining information, analysis, drawing conclusions, developing various documents, and accuracy. 

Have you thought about changing your profession for a long time? 

It was a trial. I had to think about what I wanted to do and where to go. I talked to my friends working in IT. I also watched various webinars about the industry. I attended the Women's Career Day in IT, organized annually by Future Collars, which convinced me that the IT world is open to women.

Why did you decide to change your career path and enter IT?

After twenty years of work in administration, the moment has come when I felt the need to change and gain new experiences, skills, and development in a new area. The work I have been doing so far has ceased to satisfy me.

What are you doing at present? What is your current occupation?

I am currently working as a Domain Applications Analyst. I deal with analyzing and reconciling business requirements for created, modified, and developed systems, as well as preparing analytical documentation and process modeling.

Was the course good enough to help you feel confident in your new responsibilities and to find a job in your new profession?

At work, we use the Jira tool I learned during the course. The theoretical knowledge gained during the training is also essential. During the course, we studied the software development process, scrum methodology, and preparation of scenarios and test cases, which is very useful to me now.

What was the most difficult for you on the way to your professional change, on the course or at the beginning of a new job?

Everything was new to me at work. However, the IT environment is very open and friendly. You can count on the help and support of more experienced colleagues. Thanks to this, I feel confident in my new responsibilities.

How do you recall the period when you were looking for a job in a new profession? How long has it been since you finished the course and started working in IT?

I found a job in IT very quickly, within two weeks of the end of the course. I sent several offers for the position of Software Tester, and in the meantime, I was also interested in the offer for the position of an Analyst. I sent my CV and got a job after the interview.

Why did you choose the Software Tester course?

I watched webinars on the various IT positions Future Collars has on its YouTube account to see where I can make the most of my professional experience. I am an exact person. I like to go into detail, I can work in a team, and I have excellent communication and personal skills, so I chose the Software Tester. I planned to try my hand as an Analyst later.

What is it like to learn all over again?

Throughout my professional career, while being promoted and taking care of new responsibilities, I constantly improved my qualifications and gained knowledge. I like to develop, so learning during the course was a lot of fun. I feel great satisfaction that I have achieved my goal.

You finished the Software Tester course and what happened next?

After passing the exam, I consulted a recruiter who helped me develop my CV and LinkedIn profile. We didn't have a lot of work because I had already done my best to prepare my CV and profile. 

Can you advise people who want to change their professional path?

I would advise you not to be afraid! Some people think that the limit to change is their age. Nothing could be more wrong. If you want something, everything is possible at any age. It is worth following your desires and intuition. Set a goal and achieve it.

In retrospect, how do you evaluate the decision to change?

I am delighted that I made such a decision. Most importantly, my new job gives me joy and satisfaction.

Are you not sure if the course is for you?

We will help you make the right decision.

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