Future Collars introduces its courses to Ireland!

Team Future Collars
Since May, Irish individuals have the opportunity to benefit from dedicated courses offered by Future Collars, the digital skills school, as it expands its operations to Ireland. This marks another step in the school's expansion into the European market and solidifies its role as an educational partner for leading technology companies.

Ireland, being a rapidly developing technological hub, perfectly aligns with the company's expansion strategy. Future Collars addresses the needs for industry transition, reskilling, and upskilling in the region.

"We're not slowing down! After entering the Middle East and establishing collaboration with the United Arab Emirates, we are expanding our operations into new markets. We have entered the Irish market with our course offerings and have already begun teaching the first groups" comments Beata Jarosz, President of Future Collars.

Ireland is home to many international technological giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter, which are constantly in search of qualified IT professionals. The dynamic growth of the technology sector in the country creates a demand for solid digital competencies.

"The technological development and innovation characteristic of Ireland make it an attractive place for new technological ventures and startups. The growth of the technology sector attracts individuals from various industries who seek to acquire digital skills" explains Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska from Future Collars.

In the face of a rapidly changing job market and advancing automation, workers in Ireland must adapt their skills to meet new requirements. Future Collars offers specially designed programs that allow for career transition or the enhancement of existing IT competencies.

By enrolling in our courses, workers in Ireland can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's rapidly changing job market. The process of digitization is already underway, and therefore, we must take appropriate actions to keep up with this trend. Reskilling offers a certain level of professional security" adds Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska.

Irish students now have the opportunity to take advantage of four online courses offered by Future Collars: Java Developer, Python Developer, HTML & CSS, and Software Tester. The boot camps are conducted live, and participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to aid their professional development.

"We aim to provide comprehensive support to our participants. That's why experienced mentor-practitioners are available not only during classes but also for consultations via chat. We provide learning materials and recorded lessons on our proprietary platform, which allows for tracking participants' progress. Upon completion of the course, we also provide assistance in finding employment and support in the recruitment process" informs Beata Jarosz.

As part of the collaboration in Ireland, Future Collars offers boot camps tailored for both beginners and individuals already on the IT career path. The program includes informational and advisory support, including the specialized IT Talent Profile assessment test, guidance in choosing the appropriate boot camp, and support in navigating the job market.

"Reskilling is a key response to the challenges of accessing IT specialists and helps both companies and employees achieve greater potential. Therefore, we are proud to play a significant role in career transitions within the Irish market" emphasizes Adrian Siemieniak, Business Development Manager at Future Collars.


For more information about Future Collars' offerings, please visit their website: https://futurecollars.com/en/

Future Collars is a leading digital skills school specializing in reskilling and upskilling employees. The school offers online courses in programming and software testing, providing practical skills and job placement support.

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