Free online event dedicated to women who are ambitious to consciously shape their career path in the IT industry.
About the workshop

We invite you to a free online event designed for ambitious women eager to actively shape their career in IT. Regardless of where you are in your journey:
RESTART: For those on the verge of a career change and dreaming of entering the IT world. We offer workshops and panels to help you take the first step.
UP:GREAT: For experienced professionals in the industry aiming to reach the pinnacle of their career.

Over four editions, our event has become synonymous with support for women in technology. Now, we’re raising the bar by establishing international partnerships and strengthening ties between Poland and Brussels to emphasize the importance of women in IT in Central and Eastern Europe.
This year, we are honored to collaborate with the European Women’s Association and DIGITAL EUROPE. This partnership amplifies our initiative, engaging European IT leaders and broadening our reach.

Join us in this exceptional event where we unite to inspire, educate, and integrate women in technology. Become a part of this incredible community.
We look forward to seeing you!

We'll talk about it

During the event, we will address topics such as technology and its impact on the world, artificial intelligence, skills in the job market, hybrid work, tech climate, technological platforms, and new leadership.

Power speeches – you will have the opportunity to listen to highly motivating speeches by experts such as Raisa Ghazi, Vanessa Gentile, Mani Thiru, Robert Rutkowski, and Artur Kurasiński.