Michał has always been interested in computers, software, and applications and liked to check how they work. After many years of working in the trade, he decided to change into a software tester. Thanks to his determination, he enrolled in the course and has been working as a manual tester for several months. What challenges was he facing at the beginning of his path to IT? How does he evaluate the decision to change in retrospect? What would he advise people who would like to change industries? You will find the answers in the conversation below.

You are currently working as a manual tester at SALESmanago - a startup that provides tools for automating processes in marketing. What did you do before the change of business?
Before changing the field, I worked for one of the mobile operators. First as a salesman, and since 2013 as a showroom manager.

Why did you decide to change your profession?
My hobby has always been computer science, computers, and software. I graduated in computer science and liked to rummage in computers and various electronic devices and check what the buttons were for. I decided to do something in this direction and started looking for a new job related to IT. I got an invitation to an interview from an IT company that sells computer services and software. Due to my previous experience, I was offered a commercial position. I found this to be an excellent first step to changing the industry. I worked there for four months, and in the meantime, I was finishing the Software Tester course. After receiving the certificate, I started sending my CV for the test position.

How do you recall the time you were looking for a job as a tester?
I have been looking for a job for three months. There were few advertisements for junior testers in Krakow. But I did not give up and first responded to offers for juniors and for mid. When I had a job, I received invitations for interviews from companies to which I applied a month or even half earlier. I realized that the recruitment process might take longer, and you must be patient.

What is your current job like?
Together with the team, we test new functionalities and changes in the SALESmanago application. We also deal with customer reports - after our developers have repaired the bug reported by the client, the tester must check whether the bug was fixed by trying to recreate it.

Was the course enough to feel confident in your new responsibilities and to find a job in your new profession?
I stepped out of my comfort zone, which I have been in for a long time. That is why I assumed that, despite the course, I would not feel confident. But the training gave me a solid foundation. We are working on the Jira application in the current company, which we used extensively during the Bootcamp. The course gave me confidence in myself; without it, I would not be able to compete as a tester.

What was the most difficult on the road to changing the industry, on the course or in the new job?
At the beginning of the course, the tutors spoke to us using the language of the testers. Retro or daily - these were new words for me. The challenge was to understand what was going on and remember everything. This is also the most challenging thing in my current job - understanding the abbreviations that more experienced team members use. To find out about it, you need time to listen to it.

What would you say to yourself 2 years ago?
I would have done what I did a few months ago - I would have taken a course and started looking for a job as a tester. If I had decided to do it then, I would already have two years of work experience!

What is it like to learn all over again?
Challenging but very fun. Some people want to work in one profession until retirement. I have it differently - I like changes and learning new things. I am constantly developing in my current job. I have recently become interested in test automation and watch videos and short courses in this area. I also talk to my colleagues - I ask what they do, how, and what tools they use. I move forward step by step.

What would you advise people who want to change their career path?
These people have already taken the first step - because they want to. This is the basis. If someone wants to change, they already have a strong motivation. Above all, I would advise you not to give up. In science, favorable conditions are essential, e.g. having enough time, so it is worth taking care of that.

And from the perspective of a few months, how do you evaluate the decision to change?
I am doing what has always interested me and am still developing. Therefore, I regret that I decided to change the industry so late. I could have done this a few years earlier!

Are you not sure if the course is for you?

We will help you make the right decision.

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