Technology and Women in Business According to Mihaela Tudor from the European Women’s Association

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The main aspects of using technology in business are increased profitability and efficiency," said Mihaela Tudor of the European Women's Association, who is also the founder of the international PR & Marketing agency - TUDOR Communications, in a conversation with Future Collars during the 5th international edition of Women in IT Day. Watch: Now it's becoming the best time to be a woman
Mihaela Tudor

In an interview for Future Collars, Tudor emphasized that automation and digitization are necessary for the survival of companies, even though this process requires significant resources. Discussing the implementation of technology, she pointed out that the experience of companies can vary depending on their size, with smaller businesses having the opportunity for a more productive process with the right partnership and education.

During the conversation, Tudor pointed out the importance of women-led companies in the global economy, emphasizing that they are more sustainable and inclined to reinvest in communities. The European Women's Association creates an ecosystem that supports women in entering and developing business on a global scale.

Future Colors: What are the main aspects of using technology in business?
Mihaela Tudor: The main aspects are greater profitability and efficiency. The path to automation and digitization is a process that requires resources, but it is essential for the survival of the company. Technology crucially influences communication and work efficiency.

FC: Does the process of implementing technology have to be painful for companies?
MT: It depends on the size of the company. For large companies, it may be more painful. Small companies, by choosing the right partner and educating themselves in this area, can make this process more productive for their business goals.

FC: What does the European Women's Association focus on?
MT: We focus on companies managed by women. Women should be more present in the global economy. Companies run by women are more sustainable and inclined to reinvest in communities.

FC: What support does the European Women's Association offer?
MT: We have created an ecosystem that encourages women to enter into business and develop it on a global scale. We collaborate with governments, public institutions, companies, and investors to support women in business.

Insight into Technology and Business

As a speaker at the "Technological Platforms – Speed and Efficiency in Creating Business Solutions" debate, she focused on the importance of clear communication and education in brand building, especially personal branding. She drew attention to the need to use simple, understandable language when discussing modern technologies, while also emphasizing the importance of company credibility in the eyes of both customers and employees. Tudor also highlighted a multi-dimensional approach to technological platforms, covering aspects from communication and education to security and scalability.

"In today's digital era, where technology and communication are closely linked, building a strong personal brand is key to success," Tudor remarked.

Tudor also led a workshop on "Building a Strong Personal Brand in the World of Technology and Communication." During practical workshops, participants had the opportunity to learn about key elements of an effective personal brand, particularly in the technology and communication industry; how to use their own achievements and experience to strengthen their market position. Additionally, participants gained practical strategies and tools for managing crisis communication and promoting their brand in the media, essential for building a strong image in a dynamic business environment.

Mihaela Raluca Tudor - entrepreneur and PR specialist with over 18 years of experience, also a journalist and expert in Personal Branding and Crisis Management. She has conducted workshops for companies such as Deloitte and Oracle, and her PR & Marketing agency, TUDOR COMMUNICATIONS, has won many industry awards. Tudor also serves as the Vice President Global and National Leader at the European Women's Association, is a member of the board of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and part of the honorary jury of the Romanian Public Relations Association.

The fifth edition of "Women in IT Day 2023" was held under the theme “Technology is changing the world before our eyes - be a part of this breakthrough!" organized by Future Collars, in cooperation with EWA European Women's Association and DIGITALEUROPE as part of the Erasmus+ project.
"Women in IT Day 2023" is a free online conference dedicated to women who want to consciously shape their career paths in IT. It offers eight hours of an intensive program, including lectures, debates, meetings with potential employers, workshops, speed mentoring sessions, and a rich dose of knowledge and inspiration.
The main goal of the event is to support women in the technology sector through education, building relationships, and mentorship. It features leaders and experts from the Polish and European IT industry, sharing their knowledge and experience.
Future Collars, the main organizer, is an online school for programming and digital competencies, offering unique teaching methods. It is aimed both at individuals wishing to change their career direction and enter the world of IT, and at companies looking for effective developmental programs for their employees.

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