Women in IT Day 2023 is approaching – Technology is changing the world before our eyes

Team Future Collars
30 practical workshops, 15 mentoring sessions, 8 expert debates, and motivating power speeches from leaders of the Polish and European technology industry – that's what Women in IT Day 2023 promises. This year's conference will take place on November 15, entirely online and free of charge, allowing participation from every corner of Europe.
Women in IT Day

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The program will include topics such as artificial intelligence, competences in the labor market, technological platforms and a new approach to leadership.

This is the 5th edition of the event, which has become a symbol of transformation and development in the technology sector. The event is an inspiration for women from Europe, Ukraine and Poland, demonstrating that it is possible to make a life change and enter the world of IT regardless of age or initial skill level.

We are currently facing global challenges that require us to think outside the box and use innovative approaches. Technologies at the intersection of science and everyday life offer unprecedented opportunities to transform our communities, workplaces and interactions with the environment around us. In our conversation, we will take a detailed look at how current technological trends and global events interact to shape our future –  comments Martyna Mrozek, Head of Product Design Cshark, European Women's Association

Under the motto "Technology is changing the world before our eyes - be part of this breakthrough!", the event will bring together over 100 outstanding experts from the European IT scene, including recognized leaders such as Raisa Ghazi, a well-known international speaker and expert in the field of women's leadership, and Aiga Irmeja, Executive director at Latvian IT Cluster/European Digital Innovation Hub. Together with other inspiring speakers, such as Florina Onetiu, CEO of Xclusiverse and European Women's Association, and Magda Dziewguć, Poland Country Director at Google Cloud, they will share their experiences and vision of a career in the IT world.

In the context of the upcoming event, we will focus our attention on the key role that modern technologies play in harmonizing the needs of the current generation with the aspirations and opportunities of future generations. We will consider how technological innovation can be a catalyst for sustainable development, while preserving and enhancing the potential of future generations – adds Martyna Mrozek

Motivation and education

At Women in IT Day 2023, participants will have the opportunity to listen to inspiring power speeches from significant figures in the technology industry. Artur Kurasinski, a well-known entrepreneur and investor, will discuss megatrends in the IT industry, drawing attention to the growing role of women in this field. Raisa Ghazi, global speaker, will present her vision for the fifth industrial revolution, highlighting trust in technology as the foundation of a sustainable and inclusive society, whileVanessa Gentile with Bring Women Back to Work will share her experiences in supporting women in returning to work in the technology sector.Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska from Future Collars will talk about the success of his company in changing the industry, Katarzyna Prusak-Górniak from the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU will emphasize the importance of women in cybersecurity. Mani Thiru from Amazon Web Services will explain how space technologies can protect the Earth, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl from DIGITAL EUROPE will share her thoughts on being a woman leader in technology. At the end,Robert Rutkowski, psychotherapist, will motivate participants to make bold life and professional changes towards IT.

The fear of technology and the discrediting of science are sad signs of our times. We must educate and change people's attitudes, otherwise progress and economic growth will not be possible - says Artur Kurasiński

Changing industries is not just a change of job, it is a change of thinking. At Future Collars, we help women discover their extraordinary potential in the technology industry. Our mission is to prove that IT is for everyone, regardless of their previous career path. Over 60% of our graduates are women who are now successful in the modern world of technology. This shows that with appropriate support and access to knowledge, every woman can become part of this exciting and dynamically developing industry– adds Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska, leader of Future Collars

At SimCorp, we believe that there is not just one right career path. That's why, for the second time, we are joining Women in IT Day to share stories of transformation, such as Kateryna Zhebanova, who left the legal profession for IT and will speak about it in the session "There is never one route – from legal to IT." We aim to empower women in their pursuit of change, whether through advice on preparing for job interviews (workshop by Kristina Manukyan and Jolanta Babut titled "Decoding Recruitment!"), or by acknowledging that each of us has doubted our competencies at least once, similar to Christine Schabarum, who wondered if she was an impostor in the IT world (session "Among us: How to fit in with the nerds without feeling like an imposter?") – adds Jolanta Babut, Senior IT Talent Acquisition Partner at SimCorp.

Women in IT Day 2023 is not only an opportunity to listen to motivating power speeches, but also a chance to participate in 30 practical workshops for beginners and advanced users. Some of the workshops that will be presented during the conference are:

"Can nice girls get the corner office in the tech industry?" – Host Raphaëlle Hennekinne will share her thoughts on the role of women in technology and how they can achieve success in this industry."Building a strong personal brand in the world of technology and communication"Mihaela Raluca Tudor, founder of TUDOR COMMUNICATIONS, will show you how to effectively build and manage your personal brand in the world of technology."Marketing Automation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - how to take the first steps on a new career path"Aleksandra Salwierz with Salesforce Marketing Cloud will introduce participants to the world of marketing automation."Moms and their superpowers - or how motherhood develops competences that we can use after returning to work."Katarzyna Tomaszewska, Magda Kołba – Górna, Ewelina Omiecińska, Marta Chodała from the Central IT Center will share their knowledge about the value that motherhood brings to professional competences."Navigating Wellness and Resilience"Małgorzata Żebrowska and Aleksandra Łoś will present strategies for coping with stress and building mental resilience in a demanding IT environment.


Speed ​​mentoring sessions

As part of Women in IT Day 2023, participants will have the opportunity to take part in speed mentoring sessions, where experienced IT experts will share their knowledge about various career paths in the industry. Here are some session examples:"Life after reskilling"Agnieszka Mikołajewska will talk about his development path after retraining and daily duties in a new role in IT."Tax Technology"Magdalena Brzuszczyńska will present what it is like to work in the area of ​​tax technologies, what competences are necessary and what are the daily duties."Cybersecurity"Klaudia Kruk will share knowledge about the role in cybersecurity, necessary skills and challenges associated with this position."Start w IT"Dorota Turek and Patrycja Denis they will discuss how to start a career in IT, prepare an effective CV and what is crucial during job interviews."The role of a business and system analyst"Sylwia Michalska and Anna Gryko in their joint mentoring session, they will talk about everyday tasks, challenges and competences necessary in this role.

The IT industry in Poland remains male-dominated, and the share of women in it is approximately 15 percent. The situation requires further action. These include events such as Women in IT Day, which are key to supporting women in the IT sector. This initiative not only provides the necessary knowledge, but also creates space for building a network of contacts, which is important for developing professional careers in the technology industry. Engagement in these types of programs is a step forward in the pursuit of a balanced and diversified professional community - said Katarzyna Blachowicz, deputy director of the Central IT Center

As part of the event, debates with the participation of business practitioners from various sectors of the economy are planned. Their knowledge will be shared by, among others, representatives of PKO Bank Polski: Piotr Krawczyk, Director of the Development and Maintenance of Applications Department, and Renata Jaroszyńska, Director of the Office of the Electronic Banking Platform. An important discussion will revolve around the theme of New Leadership – how the best hire, or a conversation about the role of IT in business and ongoing changes titled "Technological Platforms - Speed and Efficiency in Creating Business Solutions!"

The event, which in the previous edition attracted 3,000 participants interested in technologies and the IT industry, is focusing on even greater interactivity this year. Participants will have the opportunity to meet directly with event partners and speakers in the form of webinar-like sessions, as well as access to materials after the conference, which can be a valuable source of knowledge about trends not only for top management, but also for entire teams.

The organizers extend a special invitation to women from Ukraine, who showed extraordinary strength and passion in last year's edition.

This year, we want to not only continue, but also strengthen our European technological community, creating a space for exchanging experiences and developing new skills. We invite you to participate in Women in IT Day! This is a time full of knowledge, inspiration and new opportunities, which will take place on four virtual stages: main, restart, upgrade and speed mentoring. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this pan-European conference that is changing the face of the IT industry – adds Beata Jarosz, Future Collars

The fifth edition of "Women in IT Day 2023" carried out under the slogan "Technology is changing the world before our eyes - be part of this breakthrough!" organized by Future Collars, in cooperation with EWA European Women's Association and DIGITALEUROPE as part of the Erasmus+ project

"Women in IT Day 2023" is a free online conference dedicated to women who want to consciously shape their career path in IT. It offers eight hours of an intensive program, including lectures, debates, meetings with potential employers, workshops, speed mentoring sessions and a rich dose of knowledge and inspiration.

The main goal of the event is to support women in the technology sector through education, relationship building and mentoring. It is attended by leaders and experts from the Polish and European IT industry who share their knowledge and experience.

Future Collars, the main organizer, is an online school of programming and digital competences that offers unique teaching methods. It is addressed both to people who want to change their career direction and enter the world of IT, as well as to companies looking for effective development programs for their employees.

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