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About the program:

IT Skills 4U is a reskilling program dediacted to citizens of Ukraine, giving them a chance to reskill and upskill and to find new job opportunities. Programme is powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and operated by the Unon of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) and by Future Collars, who is a teaching Partner of the programme. By offering our course to you we are looking to provide the tech industry the most demanded specialists and, most importantly, support the Ukrainians in finding the best employment.

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • When do I start? 11.02.2023-12.02.2023
  • How much time I need to invest? 10 hours total (5 hours a day)
  • Meeting hours: 9:00-14:00 (Warsaw Time)
  • How do we teach: Online – liveclasses with Instructor
  • Price: free
During the course you will learn to:
  • Summarize the working definition of AWS and how to fifferentiate between on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and all-in cloud
  • Describe the global infrastructure of the AWS Cloud, the core AWS services, the AWS Well-Architected Framework, security services within the AWS Cloud and the basics of AWS Cloud migration
  • Explain the six benefits of the AWS Cloud, the shared responsibility model and how to use pricing tools to make cost-effective choices for AWS services
  • Identify an appropriate solution using AWS Cloud services with various use cases and articulate the financial benefits of the AWS Cloud for an organization’s cost management
  • Define the core billing, account management, and pricing models
Our requirements:
  • access to computer and internet
  • knowledge of English at minimum B1 level
The course will be best suited for:

Ukrainians who are looking to advance/develop their IT career IT industry with a set of new skills, preferably with some experience in: Sales, Legal, Marketing, Business Analysis,

Project Management, AWS Academy students or other IT-related professionals.

Course Modules:

Introduction to Amazon Web Services


Global Infrastructure and Reliability


Storage and Databases


Monitoring and Analytics


Migration and Innovation


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Basics


Compute in the Cloud






Pricing and Support


The Cloud Journey


Course Final Assessment

What do you gain by participating in a project with Future Collars?
New knowledge
to advance your career

A chance to change your life and jumpstart your career in the world of new technologies.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Free of charge AWS Cloud Practitioner training that suits your IT background and will help you find jobs in the cloud industry.


Daily support from experienced Instructor (Future Collars Mentor).


International AWS certification at the end of the course.

About the Future Collars:

Future Collars is an online programming and digital competence school with one of the broadest selections of IT vocational courses on the market. However, we know pretty well that IT is more than just coding, and the variety of professions available within this industry can be astonishing. We believe that everyone should have a chance to learn, develop and enjoy employment security in the new digital economy. We see diversity as an opportunity for a more sustainable economy and a fair world, fulfilling the needs of everybody, regardless of gender, age, experience or origin.

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