Reskill Ukraine Women to Tech and IT Jobs Program

Reskilling program, dedicated to women refugees from Ukraine, has a chance to give them dignified employment, as well as  to provide the tech industry with Techand IT specialists who are currently most in demand.


Over 2 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian offensive began.

The U.N. is estimating that as many as 4 million people may flee Ukraine. About 90% of the refugees are women.

One of the most important challenges for the EU will be to find a stable and safe place to work for both blue-collar and white-collars Ukrainian refugees.

On the other hand, it is estimated that there is currently a shortage of over 1 .3 ml IT specialists  in EU and 920 000 unfilled IT positions in USA.

What We want to achieve?

The program is a chance to give 100 Ukrainian women refugees stable and secure jobs tailored to their abilities.

What is more, the program will provide the tech industry with a new source of IT specialists who are currently most in demand on the labor market.

How we will do this:
  • Competency mapping and assessment,
  • Intensive IT bootcamps in English
  • Career consulting and coaching
  • Mentoring by IT professionals
  • Job placement at our Partners like Santander Bank, BNP Paribas and many others
What we will teach:
Cloud Practitioner
with AWS certificate
How we will teach:
Online with support
of live mentors
Participants can study from everywhere
- no need to travel
What is required to enroll to our program

Very good knowledge of English (B2 level minimum)


University degree and work experience (doesn’t need to be in IT)


Passion to learn new things


20-30 hours per week to study


access to computer and internet (we can assist if you don’t have )

If you are interested in enroll to our program

To nie jest poprawny numer
    If you would like endorse our program

    Upskill Ukraine Women

    IBAN: PL42 1050 1025 1000 0090 8054 3268

    Bank name and address: ING Bank Śląski S.A.
    ul. Sokolska 34, 40-086 Katowice


    Our social commitment

    Future Collars is a socially engaged company that has been actively advocating for diversity and inclusivity in the workforce from the very beginning. We believe that everyone should have a chance to learn, grow and have job security in the new digital economy. Future Collars, together with its partners, implements its own initiatives to break down barriers in thinking about IT and technology and to help people in difficult professional and life situations to change their career path.

    In 2022 Future Collars has started cooperation with Amazon Web Service as an AWS Training Partner, which enables AWS Authorized Instructors to deliver training developed by AWS.

    Since it was founded, Future Collars has helped over 3,000 people improve their competitive edge on the job market and start their careers in the IT sector. 67% of our graduates are women.

    If you would like to become our Partner
    Joanna Pruszyńska - Witkowska

    Co-founder Future Collars

    +48 601 286 025
    [email protected]